This is the end: Movie Review

Can I just start by saying that this movie was beyond hilarious! This is the end had some of my favorite actors in the whole world! Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Michael Cera just naming a few. And oh my goodness do these guys know how to put on a show.

So first off Jay meets up with Seth for the two of them to hang out and do guy stuff with each other but then Seth suggests to go to James Franco's party. They both go and Jay is not so chummy chummy with Seth's friends; Jonah and James. Jay and Seth both go to a corner store but then there are earthquakes and blue light comes shooting down from the sky taking people up (almost like an alien abduction). Really insane!!! Then they go back to the party and all the celebrities had no clue what they were talking about.

Fast forwarding apparently it is an apocalypse but really the rapture and all the guys have to find a way to survive through it.

Well guys I really loved this movie and it's funny that most of the celebrities did not get saved (even though some did through a selfless act) and can we all take a minute and praise Emma Watson for being such a bad-ass with an ax???!!! Like totally!!! And one of my favorite lines in the movie that I actually say all the time now is when Jonah tried to stop Emma from killing everyone by saying "Emma stop its me Jonah Hill! Americas sweetheart!" HAHAHAHH I still laugh thinking about it. That was epic!!! And I don't know what it was about Michael Cera but he was funny too! Especially when he drank juice while receiving oral. I cannot believe that that made me laugh so hard. What I found so ironic in the story line was that Jonah Hill pretended to really like Jay yet he hated his guts so much and Jonah ended up being possessed by I assume the devil. And don't get me started with Channing and McBride. Like really? Channing as a sex slave? Like really? Really? That was a tad bit weird. 

I honestly recommend people to find this movie and watch it! If you love comedies and love the actors I mentioned then watch this movie! 

On to the rating!!!! I'm going to give this movie 9.7 stars out of 10. So people are going to ask why the .7 well because the movie did have its flaws but it was too good to just give it a 9.5. There is my verdict!

Did you guys watch the movie? Did you like it? Leave a comment down below! If there are any movies you recommend for me to watch before my winter break is over comment below!

If you would like to watch This is the end and have a copy of it then you can click down below.



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