Ouija (Movie Review)

Finally bit the bullet and watched it. Wow hahah I can personally assure every single one of you that the movie was by no means scary! Really NOT that scary. I'm the kinda gal who loves scary/horror movies. Why? Well because I love getting scared and I get scared easily. Which should give you a clue that it wasn't that frightening.

The movie is about this girl Debbie who "committed" suicide. Now in quotation marks because she didn't kill herself. Her bestie or she was her bestie Lane is trying to unravel this little mystery plot. The weird part about it all Debbie had a thing for Ouija boards. Kinda weird if you ask me but people can like what they wanna like. 

Not trying to give the whole movie away but Lane tries to communicate with Debbie and instead finds out it wasn't Debbie she was talking to. So long story short her friends start dying, she seeks help from a woman which by the way was the same woman who played in insidious. Umm coincidence? I think not! Then she tries to fix what she did but she messed it up even more btw! Plus the somewhat close ending with the plot twist. Oh sorry "minor plot twist" was shocking but not really surprising. 

Off to the rating!!

I give this movie a 4.5 stars on 10 maybe five if you want to push it. But I felt like I already watched this movie with different characters and different settings, however, mainly the same. Nothing special to this movie. 

Did you watch it? Leave a comment and tell me what you thought. 

If you would like to watch Ouija and purchase a copy of it you can click down below. 


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