Sephora Collection| More Than Meets The Eye Eyeshadow Palette (Review)

This limited edition eyeshadow palette contains 32 shadows that include everyday neutrals, smoky, highlighting shades and bright pops of colour, This palette is essential for beginners and makeup artists alike. The center shades are perfect for everyday use while the surrounding shades are great for smoky looks and pops of colour. This palette costs $32 but is valued at $180. Below you can see all 32 shades from the palette swatched. I will say that some of the more neutral and lighter shades are harder to see on my skin but I did try to pack up the colour for it to be noticeable. If there are some that you cannot see you can check further down this post to see a picture of the palette itself.
****I'm not sure if this palette is cruelty free or not because Sephora took down the information for the palette before I could write down the information. If I'm not mistaken a good chunk of the Sephora collection is cruelty free (at least all the items I've purchased so far). I'm going to say that it is cruelty-free based on all the items I have purchased from +Sephora thus far. *******     

I really like that there is a variety of shimmer, matte and glitter shades that can allow anybody using this palette to create countless amount of makeup looks. Also, this palette contains warm, neutral and cool tone shades for anybody's needs. I do have to say that you get a good amount of diversity in shades for the amount you pay for. (Also another reason why I love buying Sephora palettes).

I love that if you go a little heavy-handed applying a dark shadow to your crease, you can use a lighter shade to soften the look of the darker one.  And you are able to correct your mistakes without having to re-do your whole eye look. I know for me and I'm sure many do this as well, I by mistake will use a darker shade on my crease or will be heavy-handed with a dark shadow without meaning to be but this palette using some of the shades in the center can help me soften my eye look and not make my crease look harsh. Also, I have been using more of the lighter shades from the center of the palette to help blend my crease. 

The eye shadows blend really nicely and even after a whole day of wearing them they do not crease or smudge. If you do have really oily lids and do not set your eyelids with a powder then the oils will smudge and break down the eyeshadows. When I did my eye makeup I set my eyes with powder then used these eyeshadows and afterwards I went clubbing. I kid you not my eye look still looked fresh and the same as when I left my house. 

There are a few shades (mainly the blue ones) that I don't like using because they don't compliment my eyes. I have hazel eyes so I can pull off a lot of different colours. But blues are a little harder to pull off. So instead, I'll wear a black lip and apply the blue shadows over my black lip. I find that this works best for me because I prefer bright/bold lips over bright/bold eye looks. So instead of just using the shadows that work best on my eyes I'm utilizing and using all the shadows in the palette. I feel that this can be an invaluable tip to everyone who do buy palettes but don't quite know what to do with the brighter shades. Using it over top a lip colour can definitely be a great way to use these bright shades. 

I am going to give this Sephora palette 4.5 stars on 5. I absolutely love this palette! After using it for a while I love how easily I can come up with a makeup look that looks good and stays looking good. I do have to say that some shadows when picking up it up with a brush, there will be an excess amount of shadow but otherwise I don't really have any major complaints regarding this eye shadow palette. I think that if you are a beginner in makeup and want to splurge on a palette but don't know which one that you can't really go wrong with one from Sephora. 

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Unfortunately, this palette is no longer available. 


  1. Hi, Sephora does sell alot of cruelty free, but the Sephora Collection brand itself is not according to the company.

    1. Hi, you're right the Sephora Collection itself is not cruelty-free, however, they do have some items in their collection that is cruelty-free. Like I mentioned above they do sell items that are not tested on animals. I hope that clears up the confusion :)


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