Sally Hansen: Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat (Review)

This diamond shine is a combination of base and top coat with brilliant shine and extended wear. The base coat is meant to strengthen and smooth nails while also gripping the nail polish colour. The top coat is meant to dry fast to keep the nail polish colour looking fresh and bright. Essentially, this is meant to give a high-gloss, beautiful manicure that lasts and gain noticeably harder, stronger nails. Apparently, there are real diamond particles that are 'known' to add durability and brilliant, lustrous shine. This retails for around $8. 

How to Use:
Apply one coat to bare nails, brush 1-2 coats of nail polish colour then finish it with 1 coat. Pretty simple. 

*****Cruelty-free. This brand doesn't test on animals 👍******

I don't know what the heck has been going on but I have been having trouble with my manicures. They would barely last a day and I was quite hopeful with this product. It's extremely annoying for me to have my nails chip within a day of me painting them so I had high hopes using this product and making my manicures last longer. 

Luckily I wasn't let down. I love that when I use this base/top coat with any polish that my manicure ends up looking really nice and as if I went to a salon to get them done. The nail polish colours that I use paired with this top coat does make the colour look glossy and fresh. 

I do see a difference in the strength of my nails. They are noticeably stronger while also not breaking as easily (which thank God for that! And +Sally Hansen Canada of course). Usually, my nails tend to rip apart in layers instead of breaking off cleanly. So I do notice that this base/top coat is actually improving the quality of my nails. This base/top coat also helps to improve the durability of my manicures. Instead of my nails chipping within the first 24 hours they'll chip after 5-6 days depending on the nail polish I'm using. This Sally Hansen base/top coat is definitely one that I can depend on!

I am going to give this diamond shine base and top coat 5 stars on 5. I never thought that I would find a base/top coat like this one! It strengthens my nails while also making my manicure last longer than it has ever had. Come on! This is such an amazing product and even though it did cost more than what I'm comfortable paying for nail care I definitely do not regret my purchase. If you guys find yourselves having difficulty making your manicures last then I highly recommend this product! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this review 💖