2016: How It Didn't Break Me!

If you have been alive during 2016 then you know exactly just how brutal it was for all of us. It seemed that I would come across a meme every other day on social media describing and painting 2016 as the year from hell. And if you do look at everything that has happened during this year then yes it has been quite unsettling for most. For this post I"ll go over all the accomplishments and over-bearing moments that I have faced during 2016. While also showing to all of you that 2016 did not beat or in lack of better words break me. 

Believe it or not but 2016 has definitely been jam-packed full of lessons, accomplishments and unfortunate moments. Nonetheless, this year was bad in a good way. You know what I mean? 

First off I'd like to start with the accomplishments of 2016. I graduated college! During these 3 years of hard long work, unwanted friendships, finding myself and learning about myself I've finally crossed the finish line. I wrote a blog post describing my time in college which you can check it out here.
I finally graduated college which I think for anyone can be quite exciting. I'm super happy and proud of myself to finally graduate college and to move on with my life. 

With my graduation ceremony came the commencement of my summer vacation. Would you believe me if I told you that I didn't go to one single party? I was busy working on my awesome blog and actually working. And truthfully, I spent most of my vacation focusing on myself and which direction I wanted my life to head to. I'm so happy and grateful that my blog has come such a long way and the success that it has brought. I love my blog because it grants me the opportunity to truly express myself without any judgment or prejudice. I consider my blog like my little baby and to see it grow and expand into something so big makes me really proud and I become teary-eyed. And don't get me wrong, I've had huge complications at times with my blog that seemed unsolvable but I persevered and tackled each problem one at a time. 

At one point I had a warning on my google plus account because of how I was sharing my blog posts. To top it off I had so many different individuals telling me what I might be doing wrong that I just didn't know where to turn to. But with this issue I came to a realization that I should become more active on my other social media accounts. And I shouldn't solely depend on my google plus account to share my blog. Eventually, this whole google plus warning got resolved and I'm happy to say that I am more active on my other social media accounts and am thriving. I also realized that the number of views I get every month isn't what is important. What is important is the simple act of just sharing my thoughts and opinions with the world. I think for any human being that alone is something that no one can take for granted. 

Even though I had my difficulties with my blog I'm just happy to overcome them and just realize that no matter the amount of views or likes just being able to share my thoughts with all of you is the most rewarding of all. And I think that's what 2016 was really all about for me. Realizing that focusing on myself and on what makes me happy is the only way that I'll truly be able to enjoy my life. 

This year I had a taste on what manipulating friendships are like. Or better yet a friendship that is merely convenient for the other person. Truthfully, I'm going to keep this brief because people that don't add to your life aren't worth the hassle of being mentioned. No point in talking of those who obviously show by their actions that they don't care about you. One thing I can say to all of you is that trust your instincts! If you feel the person you meet feels off then trust your instincts or else you might feel the repercussion. 

The next thing in 2016? My birthday of course. I turned 20! The big 2-O and my mom kept telling me that as soon as I hit my twenties that the years will just fly by. Well I can definitely say that it's not quite going that way. I try to make the most of my days and try to always do something to keep myself busy. It's funny how I'm 20 yet people still think I'm in high school. Actually, it's pretty annoying, especially, when it comes to dating. But at least when I'll be older I'll look a heck of a lot younger.

As far as being 20 I don't think I've fucked up my life beyond repair. Granted most of my fuck-ups were in college but I feel at my age I'm not going wild, you know what I mean? I don't go clubbing every weekend or get drunk to the point of black outs. Plus, I work, go to school and take responsibility for myself. I feel for my age that I've got my shit together. I feel like I'm winning at being 20. 

Aside from my birthday I finally got contacts! I always had issues with my eyes since I was a small kid because my fucking idiot of a dad brought me to an optometrist who prescribed me glasses that ended up ruining my eyes. Essentially, I got glasses when I really shouldn't have gotten them. Guess what!? I went to an optometrist at a Costco who wrote down that I might have cancer in my eyes. Yeah, you read that right. My mom asked for a referral to see another optometrist. Finally, I got to meet with an optometrist who is at the top of his field; Dr. Koenekoop. He was amazing because I finally was prescribed glasses that gave me 20/20 vision which ever since getting glasses I've never had and he said I could start wearing contacts! And he told us (my mom, sister and I) that I definitely do not have cancer. I was so happy because no one, especially, so young should ever go through a cancer scare or even be diagnosed with cancer. 

On a lighter note, if you wear makeup you know exactly how frustrating it is to ruin your foundation where your glasses tend to sit on your nose. Plus I love having the option of choosing if I want to wear glasses or just wear contacts. And I can finally do my makeup without having to be 2 inches away from a mirror. 

After my hectic and busy summer vacation I started my first semester of University the day after my birthday. Ugh right after my birthday. To be fair my mind was mostly focused on my birthday instead of starting Uni so I wasn't super nervous when I had to attend class. I can reassuringly say that the semester went really well. I truly enjoyed my semester while also moving halfway through the semester. In November, my mom, sister and I all moved into the city (out of convenience) and I couldn't be happier. I'm closer to school (not really lol) and I can easily go out to party if I wanted too which I haven't done yet. I missed this city and am just so happy to be back.

This year I've been working on obtaining my license which from the start I didn't really want to get. I've seen way too many movies with car crashes while also seeing the crazy Canadian drivers that Montreal has to offer. Plus the roads of Quebec are probably the worst that I have ever seen. But i succeeded in passing my road test on the first try! I was so shocked and happy. And truthfully, I'm happy for finally getting my license and not having to worry about it anymore. When I went for my last driving session at my driving school, the guy I was driving said that I might get my license. Yeah, I might get my license, let's just say I wasn't very enthusiastic when he told me that. But nonetheless, I received my license and I am currently saving up for a car of my own. 

Even though this is a small achievement it is a step towards independence. Obtaining my license right before Christmas was such an amazing present for myself. I think this was a great way for me to finish the year. And heck compared to other's there are worse ways to finish this year. 

Looking back on it all, Yes I had some rough patches and situations that were unpleasant and painful but I'm just so darn proud of myself for fighting back and not letting it get me down. 2017 will be my year where I'll be working hard on my blog and book, I'll also be working out more and just living a happier live. 

I wish you all a beautiful and wonderful 2017! May all your dreams and wishes come true my beautiful darlings. 💖

Was 2016 a difficult year for you? If so, just leave a comment below on how you persevered through it and kicked 2016 in the ass, lol.  


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