The Wolverine (Movie Review)

***There will be spoilers...You have been warned! lol***

In the present day, Logan (Hugh Jackman) lives as a hermit in Yukon who is tormented by hallucinations of Jean Grey(Famke Janssen); the woman and mutant he loved but was forced to kill. Logan gets tracked down by Yukio (Rila Fukushima) on behalf of Yashida who is dying. He wants to meet Logan because he was a Japanese soldier that Logan saved during World War II.

Opening Scene:
The scene is set back in World War II, where we can see Logan Aka Wolverine saving a Japanese soldier in Japan where an atomic bomb hits. Which we find out is Logan having a flashback but then is having a hallucination of killing Jean. To be fair if I had to kill the man I loved I would have the same issues.

I definitely have an understanding when it comes to Logan trying to enact revenge for the grizzly bear. I don't condone hunting mercilessly, especially, when it's just for sport and the hunters are not showing mercy for these animals. I don't understand the concept of hunting for sport when meat and whatever else comes from animals are readily available to us. I can really appreciate this scene because a lot of human beings don't respect the animals that they hunt and that they consume.

Seeing the great Wolverine receiving a wash down from two Japanese women is a sight worth seeing.

It's strange how I knew right away that the blonde Doctor was a mutant and I had an inkling that she was the key to Logan losing his healing ability. Upon seeing the interaction of Logan and Yashida, it was apparent that he wanted Logan's ability no matter the costs. It sucks as a viewer and a fan when you know right away who the bad guy is and the whole story line/plot is revealed too early on and then you can predict what most likely will happen next.

Of course with Dr.Green, we saw right away her involvement with Logan having his healing ability suppressed while also seeing her involvement with Harada. I feel that there wasn't much left in the movie for us as an audience to discover.

When it came to the various fight scenes they were good but they weren't great. I can really come to appreciate that without Yukio and Mariko; Logan wouldn't have been able to defeat his opponents. It's nice to see female heroes take the lead and become a valuable partner in a fight. I was really surprised that Yukio faced Dr.Green aka the Viper by herself, especially, since it's a wolverine movie but I'm finding it weird on how she got defeated. The reason why I'm finding it weird is because we don't really see how she got defeated when just a little while back she survived getting hit by an arrow and she shed her skin like a viper. By the way that was really disgusting to watch but more importantly an opponent of that magnitude shouldn't have been easily defeated. If anything there should have been more time devoted in developing the fight scene.

For the "big" fight scene between Logan and the large samurai. I wasn't surprised at all that the person within it was Yashida. If anything when I saw it was him my reaction was "oh, well of course it's him." Let's be honest who else would it have been? Of course he still tried to steal Logan's healing ability. I just don't understand how through his claws he could steal Logan's ability. Seeing as how his adamantium claws were cut off and his original bone claws grew back I wonder if he'll ever recover his adamantium claws back.

Why Logan suddenly collapsed and said goodbye to Jean is something that I'll probably never know. Which leads me to saying that 5-minute romance between Mariko and Logan was not believable. The scenes between these two were underwhelming and not interesting whatsoever. The first woman being interested in him and he can suddenly release Jean from his life? Doesn't really make sense to me on that development.

I do have to say that I really love the character Yukio. She's the badass, funny female superhero that we can enjoy and look up to. I especially loved it when she called herself Logan's bodyguard. Strangely enough, we have a scene two years into the future without Yukio where we see Magneto with his mutant ability still functioning and Professor X alive! We finally have the cliffhanger somewhat resolved from X-Men 3: The last stand involving Magneto but now we have a new one concerning Professor X. For this whole scene my eyes were glued to the screen and I had goosebumps. It is honestly very shocking and disappointing when the only time my eyes are glued to the screen is for the last 2 minutes of the movie.

I'm giving this movie 2.5 stars on 5. This movie was underwhelming, disappointing and not at all what I expected. You know something is wrong when your favourite part of the movie is only because of a secondary character. If it wasn't for Yukio I would give this movie a lower rating. I expected so much more from this movie and it sucks that the last 2 minutes of the movie was the most exciting part. I expected more and was left disappointed. I hope the next movie to come will be better.