Turning 19! 2015

On the fifth I celebrated my 19th birthday. Luckily enough my birthday fell on a Saturday so I got to celebrate the day of. What I decided to do was spend the day with my family (mom and sister) and spend the night at a bar with my friends. 

It was a wonderful and eye opening day. I got a bunch of happy birthday messages and some from people I didn't expect any from. It was an eye opener because I actually got to see how people would act with me. Some shocked me, some were really kind, one person truly showed me their colors and not in a good way.

I had so much fun spending time with my mom and sister. Before leaving to start the day my mom made us breakfast and then we headed out into Montreal. Once in Montreal we went to Starbucks and I got my birthday treat which was soooo good. I'm actually going to be writing a review on the drink so stay tuned for that!

Next we headed out to IKEA where I got a Alex 5 drawer unit in chocolate brown. And no I obviously didn't pick out the typical Alex 9 drawer unit in white. I'm currently using it to store my makeup, nail polishes and any extra supplies. Funny thing is I had no clue where to put it so I just placed it in my closet and quite frankly I absolutely love having it there. 

Now enough about my closet. Next we went to this restaurant that makes these amazing submarines that I haven't eaten since I was fifteen. So I obviously ate a submarine and it was good. But the thing is since I haven't eaten there for so long, my mommy has been making homemade submarines instead. And I have to be honest that I love my mom's submarines more than the one's from the restaurant. Now enough about food or else I'm going to be hungry.

After the long day that we had we finally went home and we ate cake! Not just any cake; an ice cream cheese cake! Doesn't that sound wonderful? As you can see from the picture below it screams "eat me!". Sadly enough we don't have any more :'(

Then I went about getting ready for my night out with friends. The thing is I was thinking hard throughout the day about what I would like to do for the rest of my life or in other words what job I should do. I'm only 19 how am I supposed to make such a decision? I thought about what I liked to do and I realized I love to write. I love doing THIS. Blogging for me is a way to express myself. It's easier for me to blog and write than saying it out loud. Writing helps me escape my ordinary mundane life and for me what is important is being able to express myself creatively.

Now going back to my night out with friends. I realized I don't need a ton of friends I just need a few who actually have my interests at heart. I had this one friend who came and I never expected him to show up but he did. He really shocked me in a good way to the point that I saw him in a new light. He opened up to me and I pray and wish the best for him. 

So I got my own drink spilled on me, the music at the bar sucked, everyone looked 15 and I waited alone for my mom while my friend went to hit on a girl. Yeah it sounds a bit of a disaster but while I was alone I got to think about my future. Money is great but I don't want to live for money. I want to be happy, have fun, learn what love is, travel around the world, become a published author. Yup you read that right I want to be an author. And my goal before turning 20 is to become a published author.

I've already started writing my book and hopefully by next year I could find a publishing company who would want to publish it. I've honestly never thought I would want to be an author so badly but I think I've found my calling. Words flow easily out of me. Writing this book I want to have readers be able to experience what I've experienced when I've read amazing novels. I want them to be able to escape in this world I've created and not have to worry about a single thing other than the words in my book.

During my teens I had a lot of things I had to deal with and reading helped me through those times. I wish I can do the same for others.

I may not have had a picture perfect birthday celebration but I did finally decide what I want to do with my life. And that is something no party could ever give me.