Ipsy Glam Bag August 2015 (First Impression)

Yeah I'm late on my first impressions for August's glam bag. Honestly, I did not film a video of myself unbagging it but that's because I haven't really felt like filming videos anymore. I've been quite taken with my blog and other writing ventures. So first impression videos are going to have to take a backseat.

So for the month of August the theme is prep school. Okay concept but it is cliche. If all of you don't know Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that for $10 you can receive 4-5 beauty products that are either full-sized or deluxe-sized. It delivers both in the States and Canada. The only problem for us Candians is that it actually costs us $20 Canadian. But nonetheless you always get products that are worth more than the $20 or $10 that you paid for. If you want to subscribe you can click here.

August Glam Bag:
The bag actually matches the skirt of Michelle Phan. The bag reminds me of Cruella de vil from 101 Dalmatians. I do like the opening of the bag and where it is placed. For some reason I like having the zipper on the side of the bag instead of on top of it. I completely hate the design of the bag but strangely enough I kind of like that it is textured and the inside is like plastic. Hideous but now that I think about it the bag is not that bad compared to other one's I've received. I'm sort of guessing how much this bag is worth and I would say it is about $5 nothing more maybe $10 if I'm pushing it. But for this post and for calculations I'm going to leave it at $5.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Original):
If all of you don't know dry shampoo is a great alternate to washing your hair. You spray it on the areas of your hair that you want freshened up and it looks like first day hair. The funny part about all of this when I saw that I received this dry shampoo I started laughing because not even a week before opening this bag I bought 3 different kinds of dry shampoo from Batiste. Anyway I did receive a small mini sized dry shampoo in original which I actually don't have. It contains 1.6 fl oz and costs $2.99. The annoying part about this is what am I going to do with a mini dry shampoo? Yes it smells great but I'm not going to put it in my school bag. And if I were to touch up my hair it wouldn't be with a dry shampoo because I do that in the morning when my hair needs it. So I'm kind of happy okay with receiving this product, at least I have the original now. 

City Color Cosmetics (HD Loose Powder):
So this is the first time of me owning anything from this brand or something similar to this. If I was a complete newbie at makeup I would have absolutely no idea what this product would be for. There is no instructions on this product on what its use is and anything else of the like. But luckily for me I know what its use is for. Anytime you use a foundation or put anything on your face you have to set it with a powder whether it is pressed or loose powder. This HD loose powder is used as a finishing powder to blur fine lines and helps you look camera ready. It doesn't matter if it's white because you have to blend it out to finish your face. The powder that I received is full sized and is worth $5.99. However, when searching for this product online I found it with a different packaging which threw me off a bit but it is the same product. I have been needing something like this so I'm happy!

Marsk Pro Line Eye Shadow Brush:
This is a regular flat shadow brush that you use to pack on color on your lid. First time yet again with owning something from a new brand. Which I'm happy about I definitely needed another one pronto and this came as a saving-grace. Shockingly enough this brush alone costs $26. Wow I'm still shocked that brushes cost so much but that people actually pay for them too. No offence to those who do but I can't spend that much on something like that. I rather spend it on something else like shoes!

Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss (Salsa):
I also received this lip gloss from Hikari cosmetics and it is also the first product from this brand that I own. I do have to say that when looking at this color I got confused. Confused because I don't understand why such a bright red color would be in this august bag. What I do really love is the pigmentation! It is insanely pigmented and it toke extra effort on my part to remove the swatch from the back of my hand. I would like to say that it is also a stain. This is a full-sized product and s worth $13. Overall I'm happy but still finding it weird that I received it in my August bag.

Glamour Dolls Single Eye Shadow (Sorcery):
Again another first time product for me and I do have to say that I am really happy with what I got. The color is simply beautiful it is a nice golden-bronze eye shadow and I know would compliment my hazel eyes. And it is smash proof! This eye shadow kept falling on the floor and it did not break or crack into a million pieces. This is worth $3.99 and is full sized. I am shocked that it doesn't cost that much for this single eye shadow but still very happy with this product. 

Overall I'm really happy with what I got and even though the dry shampoo might never get used at least I have a mini one in case I ever travel anywhere I don't need to drag along a full-sized one. Everything together is worth $56.97. A heck of a whole lot more than what I paid for.

So that's it for now. I have to catch up on a few things and then I'll post my overall impression on September's glam bag.