True Blood Season 1 Episode 2 The First Taste (Review)

This episode was quite interesting. You would think with being a telepath she could of heard that someone wanted to harm her, right? Why didn't Sookie just go to her car and went home? She had to be curious of what? I don't know nor do I have a clue. But then Bill strangely is there to help save her? Something doesn't seem right here. He was late to there meeting but wouldn't someone who has lived forever would be on time? Definitely, something sketchy about this guy. Throughout Sookie's beating I was praying that the dog wouldn't get shot. Also, was it actually Sookie who tossed Mack across the parking lot or was it actually Bill's doing?

I already know what vampire blood does to a human so why didn't he say when she drank his blood that she would feel attracted to him? Unless that is exactly what he wants her to feel. Already from the start I didn't like this guy now I don't like him even more if that is possible. And he licks her forehead has he never heard of personal space? Invading some boundaries right now, so not cool!

I felt so embarrassed on Jason's behalf. That sex tape is just so weird to look at. Why would Sookie tell a vampire after knowing him for just a night that she can read people's minds? The one person who you can't hear their thoughts is the one who you trust whole-heartedly? This is all kinds of messed up. 

Again Tara cannot stop making me laugh! She is hilarious and I guess I can also say we have the same sarcastic humor. That story she told about her mercenary husband killing her and the man she cheats with had me busting out laughing! And her cousin Lafayette? Absolutely love him as well! Gosh those two are a riot! 

Bud Dearborne you are a dumb motherfucker! Tornadoes do not hop! They come down or retreat back up into the clouds. And he's the Sheriff? 

Jason is a horn dog. And Dawn is a fangbanger? Guess who is going to die next! Renee is really weird and kinda creepy at times. He is what I like to call having a rapper face. 

And ending this review with Sookie coming face to face with three other creepy messed up looking vampires. How swell at least we have other vamps in town. But do they have to look ugly?  Ugh I am dying for an attractive vampire! And we have found Maudette's vampire one night stand. But the things he does with his eyes is just plain disgusting. We'll have to see in the next episode what these new vamps will be doing. 

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