Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier By Alinka Rutkowska (Book Review)

((((((((((May Contain Spoilers)))))))))
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This is awkward for me because this is a children's book and I have no idea how to even review one. So here goes nothing.

The book itself wasn't very long as most are not. And the title of said book is exactly describing what the story is like. So both Maya and Filippo are on a cruise ship with their parents and they went to visit a glacier. I know this is a children's book and nothing in one should be alarming because we must trust each other and love one another but as a big sister this was pretty alarming for me. 

Both kids want to get off the cruise ship to site see and visit the glacier however, they leave with a tour guide who just for your information is an older man and the parents are ok with it. But do you realize that it was just the kids and the man? I'm an adult and even my own mom would never let me leave by myself with a tour guide. Kinda sketchy if you think about it. 

And second bizarre thing is that the tour guide leaves the kids by themselves for a little bit at a restaurant while he does something outside. Isn't that weird? Yeah I thought the same thing! 

But overall it really was a good little read with lots of fun facts and information (most I already knew) but still interesting. 

So as far as rating this book I'm going to give it 4 stars on 5 because it had interesting information and great graphics but had some sketchy scenes.