Persuasion By Jane Austen: Book Review

(((((((((((((((((May contain spoilers))))))))))))))))))))

If you have read one of my earlier book reviews then you will see a reoccurring theme. This is the second novel from Jane Austen that I will be reviewing and if you were wondering why. Well I am or was taking an English class entitled Jane Austen: Her world. I'm saying I had this class because today was my last official English class for the semester. Yay! And now I have one day left then I officially finished my semester and on summer break! Woot woot. Sorry so onto the review! 

This story still holds the same themes as the other novel Pride and Prejudice. Some of the same themes used is money, marriage, gender roles and love. The novel follows Anne Elliot who is one of three daughters. The other two being Elizabeth and Mary. She had lost her mother since a very young age and had a father Sir Walter who is not exactly the ideal father for his main concerns are about appearances, titles, and being wealthy. However, Sir Walter has no money to speak of. Long ago Anne had a love and a prior engagement to the said love, however, she was persuaded to end it. When being reacquainted with Captain Wentworth will the two reflourish their old love or will they find happiness with others? And what does Mr. Elliot Anne's cousin want with Anne? 
Hopefully, the little summary of the novel will entice you all to read it. Sometimes I think that reading classics help you appreciate the modern literature that we are exposed to today. And we do in a way take advantage to the freedom of writing that we have now. But back then it wasn't so simple and I love that Austen can integrate in her novels the issues that were happening during her lifetime. Truly speaks volumes of the writer that she is. Granted I find at times her work boring but there is a certain beauty to her writing that we can all try to appreciate. This novel wasn't as exciting as Pride and Prejudice but I still relish in the moment when I can feel the love of the two main lovers. Honestly brings me to tears that after eight years they can still find each other and forgive one another. 

So onto the rating I'm giving this book 3 stars on 5 because yes I did love the ending to it and the meaning behind it as well but it was boring compared to Pride and Prejudice and it wasn't as enticing.