Sephora+Pantone Universe: Correct And Conceal Palette (Review)

Product Summary:

This palette contains 15 creamy concealor and corrector shades that targets the main areas of concern for colour correcting, dark circles, redness, hyper-pigmentation, dullness and brightening. These shades are full coverage and have an ultra-blendable formula. Each palette comes with a handy booklet with application instructions, tips and tricks from the Sephora pro team 

This palette costs around $60 but I actually got this palette on sale for half the price! Also, the palette that I have is in light/medium.

                                                    *******Not Cruelty Free*********
 I truly like that there is a lot of variety when it comes to the shades but also that there isn't a huge difference between colour in the shades. I love that I can do my whole face using just one palette including; colour-correcting and concealing. I always try to avoid using foundation whenever I can because less is more and this palette allows me to do just that.

I do have to say that a little does go a long way but the formula alone is quite thick and hard to blend. Which is why I try to blend it with oil. It makes it a whole lot easier to blend and smooth out on the skin otherwise it will just take forever to blend it properly.

No matter how hard I try, the concealor always creases underneath my eyes. If I want more of a natural/very blended look I tend to use a sponge to blend otherwise, I just use brushes.But the problem I have with using a simple brush is that it doesn't blend out the product all that well and I just end up looking cakey. Which is why I highly recommend if you use this palette, use this with a light hand because you only need a little bit of product to cover imperfections. Even though it seems there isn't a lot of product, this palette will last you for a good few months before you even hit pan if you use this 3-5 times a week.

I am going to give this product 3.5 stars on 5. I love the variety and diverse use of this palette but it definitely took me quite a while to find how to use this properly without having a cakey face full of makeup each time I used it. What I don't especially like is that this formula is not very creamy nor easily blendable. I definitely recommend using a face oil to mix this product with. Overall, it is a good palette but I just wouldn't pay full price for it.
As seen above, I tried avoiding using a lot of the product but you can see I used a few different shades to contour, balance out my redness and to conceal. I love how my makeup came out!