A Quiet Place (Movie Review)

(((There will be spoilers within this review. You have been forewarned.)))

If they hear you, they hunt you. The Abbott family are in the midst of a post-attacked world where creatures that have insurmountable hearing abilities which causes this family to stay quiet to stay alive. One little peep and they could lose their life.

I don't know why when I quickly watched the trailer on Facebook I thought this movie was about a house that was possessed and if they spoke the demon would come out. Not going to lie, I thought my original impression of what the movie was compared to what it is was a heck of a lot better. Within the first five minutes of the movie my movie companion kindly reminded me that this movie actually contained creatures and not demons. 

When we are first introduced to the Abbott family they are searching through a grocery store for supplies and right away we see the little routine they put in place; not wearing shoes, picking things up carefully and using sand to not make any noise when they walk. I found it a bit strange that we were first introduced to the family almost 100 days after the creatures first attacked humans. I really wanted to have an introduction to what the creatures are and where they come from because throughout the whole movie there is not much information that we have on them. 

It makes sense script wise to start about 100 days into the story because it can leave room and possibility for a second movie which could be a prequel to this movie. We can see in the second movie where these creatures come from, how they were introduced into our environment and also see the different manners taken to try to get rid of them. Quite frankly it would be the smartest thing to do and seeing how it is John Krasinski's first film that he directed it would be best for his career if a prequel to this movie would be done.

The actual creatures themselves, we are not given any concrete information on them. Even the characters in the movie don't quite know much about where they come from nor how to get rid of them. We do know that they look like giant hairless spiders that are super fast and really strong. Quite frankly, this is not a world I would want to be a part of because not only do I hate bugs and arachnids but I am also not quiet at all. I would definitely be one of the first to be killed by these creatures. We are made aware that there are not many of them. Maybe about 2-3 of these creatures which looking at it as a whole. It's quite impressive how much of the American population these creatures decimated.
We also see that there are more survivors than just the Abbott family but not quite shown if this is occurring all around the world. 

I do have to say I really enjoyed the flow of the movie. It wasn't inconsistent but fluid and the theme of each scene correlated to one another seamlessly. My question is how did Mr. and Mrs. Abbott have sex without making any noise? I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought about that lol. Furthermore, I;d like to think that it isn't just the United States that are plagued with these creatures but the whole world. Because if it was just the States then wouldn't there be more help? How much of assholes would the rest of the world be if they saw what was happening and the States and thought "Nah, it's okay. We're good where we are". But there was a scene where there was video footage of military involvement and news reports. But they were all in English and did not really show to us if the whole world was dealing with the same issue. Maybe this was done on purpose for this question to be answered in a second movie? 

Here is what is throwing me for a loop. We can obviously see that these creatures have great hearing beyond what we mere humans can hear. and maybe those in charge of destroying these creatures didn't realize that they were only dependent on their hearing but come on! Someone should have realized this a good little while into everyone getting killed that they are partial to sounds. And seeing as how these creatures are partial to sound; does that mean that they started killing everyone at a fast pace? All these questions just wants me to have a second movie out already. 

I do like how the story had a good ending and solution for getting ride of these creatures. Usually, when it comes to finding a way to destroy creatures that seem beyond hope we usually get a very silly and quick fix to destroying them but not for this movie! Who would've thought that homemade hearing devices would have affected these creatures so much to the point where they are put in a state of vulnerability where they can be killed. It seemed that the homemade hearing aids affected the creatures hearing almost like the frequency was too much. But one thing which seemed odd to me is that when these creatures are near electronics like tv's the creatures effected them. How come it seems that the characters only notice that at the very last second? You would think that in this world someone would have noticed this a heck of a while ago. 

One thing which I didn't really enjoy was that it felt like the movie was really short which might not be saying much but it definitely left a negative impression on me. We all wanted to see more which was really evident. I truly hope they will be producing another movie because I have so many unanswered questions regarding these creatures. 

Now is the infamous time of my rating for A Quiet Place. I am going to give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Now the reason why I am not giving this movie a perfect rating is because I honestly wanted to see more from both the family/survivors and of the creatures. One character in particular died and I am not going to spoil that part to all of you but this character is like a dog. Meaning, you don't want to see this character die because it is beyond unfair and I actually cried which hardly ever happens! But otherwise, this was a great movie and I cannot wait to see if a second one will be coming out!

If you would like to watch this movie you can click on the link down below.


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