trèstique Mini Eye Shadow Crayon: in Venetian Gold (Review)

Hey everyone! Here I am with my review on +trèStiQue's eye shadow crayon in Venetian Gold. I did receive a mini version of the original in my Ipsy glam bag quite a few months back.

The full sized version costs $26 while the one that I have is worth about $10 or so. Really expensive if you ask me. It states to last 12 hours and that it is petro chemical free and cruelty free. I'm going to be honest the first time I saw it I thought that the cap was missing. I was thinking to myself (WTF is this?!) But then I realized it was actually a cap. So my dumb moment ended quite quickly.

I find these very practical to have if you're rushing to do your makeup. Put some on the lid, a bit of eyeliner and mascara. Boom done your eye look.

Below you can see the swatch of the shadow crayon. I absolutely love the color! It is definitely an Amanda color. I do really love the pigmentation but I don't like shadow sticks that twist up. I hated the fact that it was a twist up even more when I was applying the shadow on my lid and then a part of it broke off! I was holding the broken part in my hand for a good five minutes asking myself 'why did this happen to me?' I was so upset by that happening that it toke me a few hours to recover. Now I just have a random broken part jiggling around in its packaging.

Below is the look that I created using the shadow crayon. I do have to praise myself here because it really turned out looking very nice. I applied the shadow on my eye lid and in my waterline. Then I added a bit of brown eye shadow in my crease and finished it with eyeliner to complete my eye look. But I do have to warn all of you. Do not and I repeat do not put the shadow crayon in your waterline. It ends up coming off in clumps. It looks nice int he waterline but after a while your eyes start watering like crazy!  

Now it is time to rate this product! So rating it on five stars I am going to give this eye shadow crayon 3 stars. I do really like the color and the practicality of its use. But a part did break off on me and now it's hard to use so that's why it doesn't have a higher rating.

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