Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Rambutan (Review)

Damn Guys! Back at it with another review! LOL I hope y'all got the reference :P

I bought a lip kit at +Sephora that contained a Bite beauty Lush fruit lip gloss in Rambutan. I have a mini version of the lip gloss which you can see a picture of below. A full sized lip gloss retails for $25 which if you ask me is a lot for a lipgloss but then again I find everything expensive. Bite Beauty is exclusive to Sephora so you can find them only there.

This lush lip gloss is 99% natural and is made with real fruit. I laugh every time I see claims stating that they are made with 'real' fruit/meat/etc. Why do they need to say real? Did they think we would mistake the ingredients as fake fruit? Seeing as how natural the lip gloss is, it is not toxic if digested.

 It is the first time I ever bought anything from Bite beauty and I was excited to try them out. Rambutan when watched looks like a peachy nude color. As you can see in the picture below.

Rambutan on my lips looks more like a clear lip gloss but with a bit of a tint to it. It does give the impression of fuller lips as you can check just down below. I do have to agree that it looks nice on my lips and is a nice nude lip but it is way to light to wear in the winter. If anything this is more of a summer lip gloss. 

The gloss lasts for about 5 hours but then afterwards it dries in clumps and around the corner of the lips that it feels really weird. The gloss collects slightly at the corner of the lips. It dries out my lips that I can only apply it once or else if I try to reapply the gloss it doesn't feel good nor does it apply the same way like the first time. It does also contain a weird smell to it but it's not too bad. Overall it really didn't impress me with the formula. And for a brand that is supposed to make really amazing lip products this gloss didn't cut it for me. Of course I'll try other one's to compare but for now I don't like it.  

Now onto the rating! I am going to give this Bite Beauty Lush lip gloss in Rambutan 2 stars out of 5. The formula wasn't something to be envied, the fact that I tried re-applying the gloss and it didn't come out the same way I applied the first time sucked. And it became a nuisance to even use.