Fifty Shades of Grey: Movie Review

((((This review contains spoilers...You have been warned)))

Anastasia Steele is a Senior college student who is stuck interviewing businessman Christian Grey when her room-mate fails ill. The enigmatic, rich and powerful Mr.Grey finds himself strangely drawn to Anastasia, and she to him. Even though she is sexually inexperienced, that does not stop Anastasia from being involved with him. However, she will come to find that Christian's definition of pleasure is far from what she imagined 

First of all I just wanted to clarify that no I did not read the novels. Maybe I never will. Who knows? But any way going back to this movie. Can I just say this is one of those movies where the trailer is a hundred times better than the actual movie. Don't you find?

What I don't understand is how a bunch of ladies are in love with Mr. Christian Grey? Why? If you actually analyze what he does he is a sociopath. And is a complete stalker! Oh wait, let me go to your work, oh let me change your car, let me give you a laptop. He is basically monitoring her every move. And Anastasia's and Christian's relationship is more of one that is abusive. What's so great about this guy? 

If Mr. Grey was not extremely wealthy and lived in a log house, this would be an episode of a tv crime show. Now I do not judge anyone's sexual preferences but this guy is unstable! He had a horrible first sexual experience that lasted quite a bit and it fractured him to the point that he felt the need to always be in control (business, his relationship with Ana and in the bedroom). It effected to the point that he couldn't properly be in-control of his sexual relationship with Ana.

I felt quite bad for Anastasia because as her first sexual partner she is going through a whole lot more than many would. Personally for me, I'm not into over-bearing and controlling men, however, I hate how this movie romanticizes s&m and sociopathy. 

I have nothing against bondage and the whole Slave and Master routine in the bedroom. I just hate how it was depicted in the movie. One doesn't simply jump into a BDSM (bondage-discipline-slave-master) routine or relationship. This sort of sexual relationship consists on trust and willingness on giving up your power to a partner that will honour it and that will make sure not to tarnish that trust. It can take months for such a trust and bond to form before actively starting a BDSM sexual relationship. Looking at the fast-paced progression of their relationship the trust and bond was not fully formed nor was it ever going to seeing as how Christian has some past unresolved issues that affected the bedroom performance. 

Personally I don't like this movie, I don't see the reason for the big fuss about this movie. And by the way the sex scenes are not as extreme as everybody was saying. What was the freak out about? For nothing essentially. 

Anyway I'm giving this movie 2 stars on 10, the script was lacking, the scenes were boring and it seemed that the movie was only about the sex scenes which were very below par. And the actors just didn't fit. It didn't seem like they had the right chemistry. Oh and before I finish, people were going crazy for this movie to the point where they would masturbate in the movie theater. Yeah, barf bag right here. I just didn't see the appeal of the movie and I hope that no other ones will be filmed. 

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