The Office (T.V Show Review)

(((((((If you have yet to see the office (you really should) there will be spoilers in this review)))))))

This mockumentary follows the lives of office employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a branch of Dunder-Mifflin paper company. Throughout all nine seasons, there is drama, friendships being made and destroyed, relationships being formed and a heck of a lot more drama. Oh, and lots comedy.  

Now where to start? I guess from the beginning. I'm what you would call a late The Office bloomer. It hasn't been until the past year or so that I watched the Office (thanks to netflix) from start to finish. I guess what really pushed me towards watching the show was seeing all these memes on it. And coming across different videos of the show on my social media. Coming across these short clips they definitely did catch my attention in the humour department. So once I came across the show on Netflix I pressed play and was hooked from the first episode. 

It is crazy to think how long the Office has been around. We are given 9 whole seasons of back-to-back drama, comedy and craziness because let's be honest, the office has more than enough crazy folk and erratic behaviour. Who would have thought that regular folk would be so entertaining to watch? I think the best course of action to review this series is by going over all the different characters. Cause how does one come to review a series as such? 

Michael Scott:
Now this is a character that is quite unique in the sense that he is both quite moronic yet had certain moments that demonstrated wisdom. Michael isn't exactly one of the characters that I've most enjoyed watching but I will say that he and I both have the same type of humour. Especially, when it comes to "that's what she said" because I say that all the time. What is surprising about Michael is how he can overcome such obstacles and even though many believe he is under qualified he is an incredible salesman and an understanding boss. I would have loved to of had him as a boss. I'm happy that he finally found love with Holly because he definitely deserved to be happy. I will admit that once he left the Scranton branch and moved to Colorado with Holly that The Office wasn't really the same. It still was good but Michael was missed. Also I wish during the last episode that we could have seen his kids. But nonetheless he came back for the last episode and that was great. 

Dwight Schrute:
I don't think I've enjoyed a character from The Office the way I've enjoyed watching this one. Dwight is the face of many memes and is beyond funny with his personality and expressive opinions. I have countless moments where Dwight has been more than hilarious and outright says what we all think. From starting fires in the office "smoking will save lives today", to cutting off a dummy's face, "we should have a new plague" and to his pettiness. Believe it or not but Dwight can be hella petty and I just love it. Mocking Andy, intimidating Kelly and as soon as he is given power he rules with an iron fist. What's not to love? I'm happy that he was finally promoted as Regional Manager and actually got to keep his job. He deserved it like no other. But Dwight despite his dominating personality is kind, compassionate and giving. We can see this by fighting for his child (that wasn't his at one point), helping Jim and Pam several times over and always being there for those that he loves.

Jim and Pam:
For starters, I cannot believe that it toke three seasons for these two characters to finally get together. Since the first episode we all have been rooting for these two and when they finally did together we all just sighed in relief. It's crazy that they were friends, kissed, moved somewhere else, had relationships with other people but finally found their way back to each other. They were awesome as friends and even more amazing as husband and wife. Even though towards the end of the series they had their issues with Jim in Philly and Pam not expressing herself they still managed to find a solution that worked for their whole family. Not gonna lie I was crying during their marriage ceremony. I'm happy that they were given a happy ending. Seeing both of them somewhat fight was unsettling to watch. 

Kelly and Ryan:
Now these two, boy do they have their quirks. Ryan; ambitious, pretentious and childish at times. Kelly; superficial, pretentious and childish at times. See the pattern? In many ways they both share many characteristics so it was to no surprise that during the series finale they found their way back to each other. They are toxic when together but are even more damaging separate. It strangely was nice to see these two reunite during the final episode. Kelly was doing amazing with her boyfriend, living the expensive life and she gave it all up within a few minutes of being in Ryan's presence. Ryan's life went downhill, got with a girl who he then got her pregnant then was left to raise the child by himself. That's karma right there. But he does the stupidest thing ever and gives up his baby and runs away with Kelly. These two are something else. No lie we all kinda liked them but it sucks that he's such a bad father that he gave up his child but then again maybe giving up the child was the best thing to happen because the child landed with Nellie. Nellie had her moments of humanity and compassion but I feel she was a space filler. 

Andy, Erin and Gab:
Andy is definitely one of those individuals that once they are in a certain school setting they never want to leave. It's funny how he finally got his dream job at Cornell. It sucks how he never was appreciated by his family. But I'm happy that he finally got his happy ending. Even if it means going back to Cornell. It's funny how when he burned all his bridges he said that he wanted to obtain any kind of fame and that is exactly what he got! Fame by crying. Heck better that than a sex tape, right?
Erin; she definitely was a unique individual but what I really liked was that as a character she had an extensive background. During the final episode when everyone was on the panel I truly got teary-eyed when Erin finally found her parents or her parents found her. Gab was quite a unique individual and it sucks that we didn't get to see him at the end even if he was only on the show for 3 seasons. No joke I totally found him cute even if he got kinda weird after his break up with Erin. 

Angela, Kevin and Oscar:
I knew almost right away that Angela and Dwight has a thing going on. Come on y'all, it was so obvious! I'm so happy that they finally got their happy ending and even if Angela was insufferable for most of the series I'm glad that she was humbled by losing everything. And that you shouldn't take things or people for granted. Kevin was a kind and sweet idiot. But I would like to know if the actor's hair really was that way or that he had a bald cap on. It sucks that he got fired but let's be honest Kevin had it coming for a long time. And now to Oscar. Boy has he been at the center of drama. From sleeping with the Senator to actually running against the Senator. He was a great character to have around the office. 

Creed, Meredith and Toby:
How can I start explaining the phenomenon of Creed? Years of illegal activities recorded and he seemed all nonchalant about it all. He's just one of those characters that you find funny because he's weird and really not like everyone else. Meredith; I always did think that she partied like a college kid and now after all these seasons we find out that she was actually in school getting her PhD in psychology. I fucking hate Toby. He's so bland, boring and oh yeah that I mention boring? I get why Michael hates Toby. He has had surprising moments such as kissing Nellie. But otherwise, BORING!

Darryl, Stanley, Phyllis:
Darryl is the funny sarcastic guy which I really enjoyed and I absolutely loved it when he messed with Andy! That was funny. Stanley after having two affairs I never would have thought he would o ended up by himself. And he is happier than ever! I found irony in that. When he was married and had his affairs he was cranky and angry all the time but by himself with no women around he is super happy and zen. Now what does that say about us women? Phyllis is like a warm grandma that is also vindictive, wild and super petty. 

Robert California, Jane Levinson and Deangelo Vickers:
Robert is an enigma there is no doubt in that. He was a change of energy, especially, after Michael left he brought something new onto The Office. From his long stories of geisha's to alcoholic disappearances he definitely was a unique character to add to the ensemble. My favorite part from his whole appearance on the show was when he was on the phone with Andy and he says "I'm the fucking Lizard King." Till this day I still don't know what that means. Jane is another level of crazy. It's like over time she was deteriorating. Only getting crazier and unstable but once by herself she thrives and makes it on her own with Astrid which by the way what a super shitty move to go to a sperm bank while in a relationship without the other partner not knowing. She didn't have all her dogs barking upstairs. And Deangelo was just weird. It's like this group of people are all kinds of crazy.

I am going to give The Office 5 stars on 5. I have watched this show from start to finish several times and I still get this huge overwhelming urge to re-watch it. Since the first episode I have been hooked. This show is so great, funny and just the best damn thing to watch really. I wish they would have a reunion but with all the current trends and such incorporated in the show. There is a reason why there are so many memes concerning the office and that's cause it's amazing! I find it so hard putting down in words just how much I love The Office. 

Do you guys love the office? What are your favorite moments and favorite character? Leave a comment and share what you think. 

If you would like to watch this series and own it you can click on the link down below. 


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