Get Out (Movie Review)

((((((There will be spoilers. Y'all have been warned...)))))

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) has reached meeting the parents phase of dating and are set to stay for the weekend at Rose's parents house; Missy and Dean. Chris will quickly realize that her family's behavior is a lot more disturbing on a psychological level than just accommodating.  And Chris will want to get out fast, but will he?

A white car following me while playing old tunes? Yeah, I'd fucking freak out and be on my guard. How the young black man didn't just start running away I have no idea why. Not going to lie to y'all I screamed so loudly when the driver just sneaked up on the young man and kidnapped him. Little side note, creepy fucking music but that was the whole point. 

Okay, another stupid side note, Chris didn't look like he knew how to shave and actually nicked himself. I have a sneaky suspicion that that was a woman's razor. (((I know super random but I just found that weird.)))

I don't know if y'all noticed but Missy has this creepy 'I'm gonna devour you.' sort of look and right off the bat she's deceiving as fuck! Being first introduced to the family; the father is overdoing it (being over-accommodating), the mother well she looks crazier than a stoner high on bath-salts and the brother he is straight up like an aggressive druggie. I feel so uneasy for it feels like the calm before the storm. 

Georgina, psychologically speaking is not in her right mind (obviously). She has tell tale signs of having undergone severe trauma. Her forced demeanor, trans-like pauses and the way she acts as if she is in her own reality are all signs pointing to something extremely disturbing. And all these signs can be seen before we get to the climax of the movie so mad props to the director (Peele) for incorporating such good character features. 

I don't have much knowledge when it comes to hypnosis but I'm pretty sure that one cannot simply forcibly hypnotize someone against their will. I understand how having a fixation device that engages one of our sense can lead someone to be hypnotized I.e. the tea cup and I also understand that depending on the level of susceptibility a person has, they can be hypnotized. But still, forcibly hypnotized? I'm not so sure about that.

This 'family gathering' seems more of a party to size up the new black man and seeing which family he'd best fit which was an appraisal of Chris before the auction for him. Sort of how slaves were bought. But Chris' friend is all of us when it comes to the hypnosis. Cause let's be honest, I'd be out of my freaking mind if someone hypnotized or attempted to hypnotize me. How can Chris be so nonchalant? Chris, what the heck?

Physical advantages? That is what they are calling it? African-Americans have gone through so much prejudice and have been the receivers of unsolicited hate crimes that being black is now in their twisted minds considered an advantage? I understand that there is still discrimination today but as far as this family presenting itself as wanting to actually incorporate and become black themselves? 

I think the whole point of this movie was to demonstrate to the audience that there are those who still don't consider African-Americans as human beings but simply as something lesser than. A lot of us don't think that discrimination still is an on-going issue but just because we don't see it in front of our eyes doesn't mean it's not happening. I guess for me it's hard to truly see all the under-lying messages in this movie because I don't really view individuals by their skin colour. I was taught at a very young age that I shouldn't be mean to someone because they don't look like me or have the same skin colour. But not everyone is raised the same way. 

The whole social latter has changed drastically over the past 100 years. White has always been the more dominant skin colour but that has changed. Not as much as we want to believe but it's a start. The climax of this movie was quite disturbing. I do have to applaud yet again the director for incorporating all the underlying clues for us the audience to piece together and to come to the same conclusion. Granted the operation to transfer one being into another through methods of hypnosis and neurological surgery is quite fascinating but I don't believe that can actually be achieved. But this I feel goes back to the underlying messages of how black individuals are not seen as equals but that their bodies are merely a suit to be worn. Almost like the latest fashion trend. That in it itself is quite disturbing. Interesting but seriously disturbing. 

I am going to give Get Out 3.5 stars. The reason why I'm giving it this rating is because I liked a lot of the underlying messages. I also liked the story-line because it's not something I've ever seen before. It's really out of the ordinary as to what is usually in the box office. However, I found it quite hard to believe the hypnosis in this movie because it doesn't seem quite accurate as far as what someone can achieve using hypnosis. Nonetheless, this was a great movie. Let me know what you guys thought of Get Out!

If you would like to watch Get Out click on the link down below. 


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