Annabelle Cosmetics: Lip Liners in Fuchsia, Modeste and Flamme (Review)

These lip liners are meant to be soft and a smooth texture that slides over the lips like silk while also providing a natural finish with perfect definition. They are hypo-allergenic and cost around $6 a piece. You can check out +AnnabelleCosmetics website for more information here.

****Annabelle Cosmetics is Cruelty-free 👍*****

Fuchsia (140):
If your lips are not moisturized then this lip liner will tug on your lips and it will be slightly painful. This colour does leave a nice and pigmented fuchsia colour. I especially like the way it sits on the lips. It sits comfortably without the feeling annoying. I will say that if you keep re-applying it, it will dry out your lips. Otherwise, I really love how this colour compliments and pairs well with my skin tone. 

Modeste (405):
I don't know where Annabelle thought that these lip liners were like silk on the lips because that is far from the truth. To apply this lip liner and others from Annabelle without any tugging or pain I need to apply lip balm or oil to condition my lips. Despite the issue with the application process Modeste gives a really nice natural colour to my lips. I know if I need something quick to apply to my lips I can use Modeste alone and get a nice look. I'm just not a fan of the dry formula. 

Flamme (250):
You would think that with a name such as Flamme that it would be a red colour but it comes off more like a dark pink which didn't pair up nicely with my red lipsticks. Also, if my lips weren't covered in chapstick the colour wouldn't have showed up. It took so much work just to have the colour actually show up. I tried applying Flamme without anything products on my lips and the colour did not show up at all! Crazy, right? The colour itself is okay but it's not what I expected. 

I am going to give Annabelle's 3 lip liners 3.5 stars on 5. Despite the liners having a dry formula and having to work around that issue I do quite like the way the colours look on my lips. They do leave a natural finish on the lips and compliment my skin tone. By far my favourite is Modeste which is not too light for my skin but looks really great as can be seen in the picture down below. It just really sucks that they don't apply as smoothly as they claim to do. 
If you would like to try these liners please click on the link down below. 


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