The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (Movie Review)

((((((This Review Contains Spoilers)))))))))

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) teams up with her closest friends and allies, including Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and Finnick for the ultimate mission. All together, they leave District 13 to liberate the citizens of Panem and to assassinate President Snow, who is consumed with the thought of killing Katniss. However, what lies ahead is a long road of traps, dangerous enemies and moral choices that will determine the future of a Nation. 

Opening Scene:
This is the problem that I have with movie franchises that decide to divide the final part of a story into multiple movies. Or in simpler terms, dividing up one movie into multiple parts. For me, I feel like I have to re-watch the previous movie because I'm not up to date with the story. With opening scenes you have to orchestrate them just right or we the audience feel as if we are being dropped in the middle of the story. The opening scene was boring and predictable but worst of all, it wasn't captivating. And for the opening scene of a 2 hour plus movie it has to be captivating! I would rather watch a 4 hour long movie that is super eye-catching and thrilling than watch two 2-hour movies with a weird transition between both movies. 

Going back to the scene being predictable, when Plutarch said that Peeta will speak to someone that he truly trusts and I immediately thought of Primrose! Boom, I was right! Opening scenes should never be predictable or boring or else you're losing your audience. There should have had a flashback to remember what happened in the last movie. 

A nation is crumbling, falling to its knees and these two motherfuckers; Katniss and Gal are locking lips? What's blowing my mind is that there is a love triangle which Katniss cannot decide who she wants to be with while here I am not being able to have a guy commit to me. What's really fucked up is that Peeta is conditioned to kill Katniss every time he sees her and reacts aggressively when she is mentioned. Fucked up love triangle if you ask me. 

Seeing Katniss hug Primrose at Finnick's wedding made me get really emotional because I saw myself and my little sister. I would never want for the both of us to have to go through what Katniss and Primrose are going through. 

I cannot believe that Finnick died. If there was a person that I wanted to see have a happy ending, it would be him. I was almost out of my seat praying that he would make it and he didn't. To be honest I got really emotional and started crying. I was an emotional wreck watching this scene, 

After watching the whole 2 hours and something odd minutes I have a lot to say and buckle up for safety because it's not anything nice. 

Of course me being me and taking a bunch of psychology classes in College I would hone in on Peeta and his conditioning. For starters, Peeta's conditioning doesn't make sense. When looking at his progression throughout the movie it doesn't make sense that he was able to get so close to Katniss and not have the urge to kill let alone hurt her. Yes, there was one moment in the whole movie where he slipped but still just one freaking moment? That doesn't make sense. In the previous movie we found out that during his time in the Capitol he was being tortured, brainwashed and being conditioned to hurt Katniss and not to believe her 'lies'. On top of that his post-traumatic stress disorder that he developed while being in two Hunger games. All of these things would be a huge toll for anybody, their mind would be so fragmented that Peeta going back into the 'warzone' and not having any episodes is just not accurate nor does it make sense. 

Peeta from his symptoms and from what was said in the movies, he has PTSD, he's been tortured, brainwashed and conditioned with negative reinforcement. One of these things would break down a person emotionally and mentally let alone having all of them. Which is why I am baffled that he is acting so cool. Whoever wrote this script obviously knew nothing about conditioning. Nor knew much about the human mind. But then again this is a common theme in Hollywood movies. And that is the misrepresentation of mental disorders. They are so much more complex that when they are being portrayed in such a nonchalant manner makes me really anxious and worried. The fact that this got into a Hollywood blockbuster movie and had so many inconsistencies with the way Peeta was acting that it just flat out completely ruined the movie. 

If you are going to mention or use something whether it be a mental disorder or a scientific theory, the least anyone can do is research it before creating a disaster. Unfortunately, that is not what happened for this movie. Not only were there so many inconsistencies in the movie, it was also very underwhelming, it was bland and had such a boring ending. The love between Katniss and Peeta seemed so fabricated and not believable that at this point I'm wasting my time watching this movie. Plus Katniss ending with Peeta just seemed like it was done out of convenience on her part and not out of love. This movie was not worthwhile at all and there wasn't enough tender moments. The only time we had tender moments they were just too close together in the film to make it meaningful. 

I am going to give zero stars on 5. This movie was so bad that I can't see anything good in it other than me finally finishing off this movie franchise. This movie was disappointing, underwhelming and I am left with only one thing to say to whoever made the final decision to release this horrid movie; sometimes it's not about making a quick buck but it's about ending things on a great note. Too bad that they fucked up the ending because it could of led to there being prequels made of the past victors Hunger Games. I would have paid good money to see Finnick during his Hunger game. Heck, just seeing a movie based off his life. But I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

That's it for this review. Let me know what you guys thought in the comment section below. 

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