Touching the Freedom by Suren Hakobyan: Book Review

I received a digital copy of this novel by the author and was asked to review this book. I am not receiving any compensation for my review.
(((((((((Spoiler Alert)))))))))))))

This story is about Isabel who is traveling from Spain to Munich Germany to attend an International Youth Meeting. While there, there is an intriguing individual who captures Isabel's eye. And she realizes that he is older than the other students. His name is David and he holds a past that might be too overwhelming for Isabel to handle. However, when these two individuals come together David will show Isabel just what it means to touch freedom. 

This novel wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. What can truly determine for me if the novel is captivating is the amount of time it takes for me to finish a book. Not gonna lie it toke me a long time to finish it. And one thing that truly bothered me about this novel was that there was way too many grammatical errors. And if any of you hate reading them while trying to enjoy a book then you understand and feel my pain. I don't know if the digital copy I was sent was the final copy. I hope it wasn't because if it was then someone needs to hire a new copy editor. This job is not that difficult and I'm sorry to say but by having all these errors it really takes away from how many stars I'm going to rate it and also it takes away from my enjoyment. 

What I did like was the character development that I saw with David. He was dark and mysterious, yet caring and affectionate. I didn't like the way that Isabel acted at times. Especially when she kept jumping to conclusions. Or when she read a couple of comments on the Internet and she automatically assumed that she knew everything that has happened with David in the past. 

But there was definitely something that stuck with me and that was the ending. I loved that David went after Isabel but I just wish I could of had a glimpse of them reunited. You know what I mean? 

Another thing that I loved was the meaning of the story. That sometimes you have to come across eccentric people so that they can help you figure out who the real you is. And how to be free and enjoy your freedom.

Onto the rating!!! I'm giving this novel 2 stars on five. Honestly, what is really taking away from the rating is the grammatical errors. And that the story at times were lacking. 

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this review. If you have any requests leave me a message.l