NYX: High Definition Concealer in Green +Video

This lightweight concealer is meant to obscure imperfections and discoloration without ever looking cakey or obvious. The concentrated emollient-rich formula is easy to apply and creates a medium to heavy coverage. This concealer costs around 8$. For more info on NYX and their high definition concealer check them out here.

**********This is cruelty free 👍👍👍**************

This concealer does provide heavy coverage which is why I had to use a brush to blend it out instead of a sponge. Using a sponge I realized fairly quickly that it would not blend the concealer properly. The concealer does dry pretty quickly so if I try to take my time and blend with a sponge it doesn't leave an even finish. Once the concealer does dry it's hard to blend it without having to start all over. 

Seeing as how this is heavy coverage a little does go a long way. Which is great because you really get a lot for your buck. Trust me when I do say this though, you do not need your entire face covered in green and ending up looking like Shrek. I don't have any rosacea nor any other skin condition. However, I do have very pale skin and blush easily and once I do I get red all over my cheeks, chin, nose ad sometimes on my forehead as well!  

I have really clear skin which is why I only use face products for coverage such as concealers and cc creams. Otherwise, I try to avoid foundation as much as possible. But my redness still unfortunately peaks through. If I don't blend this green concealer properly or use too much of it then I need to cover it with a heavy coverage foundation. I really don't like wearing heavy coverage foundations at least not during the summer (which is when I usually get red) or ever really. I'm really into the whole less is more, especially, when it concerns the skin. It is eerie once I finish doing my makeup and I don't have any redness whatsoever. 

I am going to give this green concealer from NYX 3.5 stars on 5. Even though this product does do the job it's just a lot of work to put into it. I do have different green color corrector's that are a lot easier to use and are not heavily concentrated with green to the point where it becomes difficult to blend. I'm also not a big fan of the smell. It is hard to distinguish what it smells like but it almost smells like chemicals. Otherwise, this products does exactly what is meant to do; color correct.