Underworld: Blood Wars (Movie Review)

(((((((There will be spoilers)))))))

Death dealer Selene must fight both the Lycan clan and the vampire faction that betrayed her from brutal attacks. Joining her as allies are David and his father Thomas, while she embarks on a quest to end the eternal war between both races even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.

I like the opening scene. We got flashbacks and feel like there is no gap between movies. It feels like we're dropped right back into where the last movie ended. Essentially, there is a fluidity between the beginning of this film and the last one.

It seems that time does not help a vampire's acting ability. When Semira was with the other council members deciding their own fate you could easily tell that she wanted Selene badly. In my head while I was watching this scene I thought to myself "Is she serious right now?" Bad acting skills indeed for Semira. But good acting skills to the actress playing Semira.

I knew something was fishy about Semira and her little boy-toy. They kill the death dealer recruits which her ultimate plan was to steal Selene's blood and blame her for their death. How predictable. I just didn't expect them to kill the vampires in the process. Especially, after Semira was going on about protecting the remaining vampires.

What I'm really focused on and what keeps bugging me is are the humans still after the vampires and lycans? Why would the humans purge them and become the whole antagonist in a certain manner in the previous movie and now in this movie they're not an issue anymore?

So Alexia and Marius are together. I should of expected this really. Kind of weird if you ask me. Seeing them two together on screen they just didn't really mesh well. They said they were in love or whatever but they were only really using each other for their own benefit.

Damn! Amelia is David's mother?! A movie that can actually catch me off guard. I should have known right away. I took notice of the way Semira was speaking to Thomas about Amelia. Because David is the last pure-born and the rightful heir to the Eastern coven. He was born to rule and hidden away for his safety. I do have to say that David has the capabilities and the character to be a leader. The way he led the vampires and showed mercy to the lycans once Marius was defeated just shows his maturity to be a great leader.

I love how we are introduced to new aspects of Underworld. From the Icelandic coven in Var Dohr to the introduction of Valissa (in between place) and being made aware of the sacred place. It shows that there still is a lot for us to discover about Underworld.

Now onto Selene, we saw Marius killed her but really she just let herself be taken by the water and taken to her journey through the sacred place. Once she comes back and joins the fight against the lycans we see that she was changed from her hair to her fighting abilities. I feel that Selene as a protagonist passed the flame to David because now we have story lines spreading out first with David as the new coven leader, finding out what happened to Selene when she went to the sacred place and her being made one of the three elders. I truly feel this was a smart move as a writer because this will keep the franchise alive and that leads to the next movies going in different directions. Now the franchise of Underworld isn't held solely on Selene's shoulders. I can guarantee there will be more Underworld movies because who would have thought that Underworld gets on another level of interesting, right? It feels like the story has just begun.

What was an emotional blow to me was finding out that Marius killed Michael. Let's face it, we all were rooting for Selene and Michael and I just hate that the life they could've had was stolen from them. But I still get the feeling that Michael isn't really dead. The first movie was all about him being super powerful even more than Selene. So I seriously doubt that the script writers will keep him 'dead'. If anything they should show that Michael was not dead after Marius drained him from his blood but that it took him a long time to heal himself from that physically draining attack. But I bet that in the next movie they'll just show him in the sacred place. Let's be real, for someone as powerful as him it does not make sense that he would die from a throat slashing. However, in the final scene we do see Selene in what can be assumed the sacred place and a girl walking towards her which can be assumed as Eve; her daughter.

I am going to give Underworld: Blood Wars 4.5 stars on 5. There was a lot going on but that just makes me want to re-watch the movie. I love that there is still a lot more for us to explore in Underworld. Watching it all I didn't feel overwhelmed with the different directions that the movie was headings towards. Everything moved with fluidity which is great. But Michael dying? That's a big no from me and how come Selene is now 1000 years old? Wasn't she around 600-700 years old? Kinda big jump of 300 years. Otherwise, I truly enjoyed this movie.

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