Signs From Above By: Doreen and Charles Virtue (Book Review)

This book is about helping the reader recognize and understand the signs from angels, archangels, guardian angels and loved ones who have passed away. Many signs that are sent to us sometimes we do not even realize are signs from above and this book helps to identify them and also understand them. It is broken up into chapters and each chapter goes into detail on various signs such as; clouds, feathers, music, coins, and even number sequences. At the back of the book there are a few pages filled with prayers that you can use to help you in a particular aspect of your life. Especially, concerning love, health, employment, protection and so much more. 

This book has been more than a blessing to me. It has truly helped me open my eyes to all the signs that have been sent to me that I didn't realize were signs. Many people would find me believing in angels ridiculous and would simply tell me that angels do not exist. Well how can you say something does not exist if you've never seen it? I've realized now more then ever that I am being sent signs from the angels almost everyday. I always found penny's and I thought that maybe it was just coincidental but here in Canada we've stopped using penny's in our currency. So always finding them would seem weird. But when I read this book it said that finding penny's all the time means that angels are trying to let me know that they are here for me. Something even more coincidental? One day at school I kept finding feathers on me and before I left for school I asked the angels to show me a sign that my fractured foot would be healed and surprisingly I kept finding feathers on my walking boot. Till this day I still find feather's and some I found have floated down to me like they were sent from heaven. It is comforting to know that I have angels looking out for me and they are listening to my prayers. 

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone and anyone who is interested in developing their relationship with their guardian angels. This book has done more than solidify my belief in God's angels, it has made me realize that they are with me every single day looking out for me. And knowing that they are here with me throughout the best and worst times of my life is comforting. 

I'm giving this book five out of five stars. This is the first book that I have reviewed on my blog that is given five stars. This book has made me weep knowing God is always there for me. Give this book a chance and you will see it will change your life for the better.

Even throughout the darkest times of our life, God shines brightly through it all.