Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative leave-in conditioning spray (Review)

I received this small bottle of Briogeo's conditioning spray in my May Ipsy glam bag.

It is the first product that I've ever owned from this company and let me tell you all that it did not disappoint. This product is meant to nourish, repair and renew hair which does exactly that. This product also protects from heat damage, breakage and protects from UV exposure. It is also made with rosehip, argan, and coconut oils. I did get a sample version of the product as you can see from the picture below. The bottle contains 30 ml and it is worth about $5. As you can tell this brand is not cheap at all but their products do contain good ingredients and actually does do what it claims. Then again I can only say that for this product.

This product is amazing for dry hair and I realized it is also good for colored hair. I do have part of my hair dyed blonde and I noticed that area was getting dry and weak and using this definitely has helped loads. It leaves my hair looking shiny and conditioned. Plus it smells incredible! What I loved about this spray was that it did not leave my hair feeling sticky like some sprays tend to do. It sprays over a large area of hair which for me that is great! I do have a lot of hair as you can see from the picture below. The most important thing? My hair felt nourished after just one use.

How it works:

It is not difficult to use this product. All you have to do is first wash your hair. When your hair is damp that is when you spray the product to your hair. And you have to focus the product to the mid-length and the ends of your hair. The final step? You can either let your hair air dry or you can blow it out. I let mine air dry and the picture below is how my hair looked like after it air-dried. I kind of have to say this. My hairs looks great! No I did nothing else to it other than applying the product.