Hot Miami Shades Review | Scam!!!

 ((((((((((((((((((((((Please be warned about this company; Hot Miami Shades))))))))))))))))))

Normally, when I write a review there is this type of enthusiasm within me that wants to burst because I love introducing companies that either wants to work with me or send me their items to review. Well, not this time! Can I just start off by saying that I completely and utterly hate this company with every fiber of my being! And for me to even come to that means you have done a lot of fucked up shit. Usually, it takes a lot for me to build such hatred because a lot of things in life do not bother me so intensely as others. But man does this company go above and beyond for being horrible and overall being freaking scammers!

Let's go back to how all of this started. I was approached one day on Instagram to become a Miami girl essentially, becoming an ambassador for them. They promised a lot of cool things such as; getting a free necklace, earning commission off a promo code to give to my own followers, to be featured on their social media pages, opportunities to be invited to fashion shows and after parties with celebrities etc. Seems too good to be true, right? That's BECAUSE IT IS!

Let's start off, with the whole promo code issue/ bullshit because honestly it is complete bullshit their commission program. The only way to get a promo code and to get the free necklace is by making a purchase on their website. They gave me a 55% off promo code to use so I thought "why not?" It seemed like a good idea at the time. But after my purchase they sent me a promo code 'MiamiGirls' I found this weird because with other companies I am given a distinctive code like 'AmandaW' or a code with my name in it. But nothing so generic as that. So, I sent them an email about this. Never got an email back. Then I go looking through Instagram for other girls who are ambassadors and would you believe it! They had the exact same promo code!!!! I found at least a dozen girls with the promo code 'MiamiGirls' What bullshit is that? Ummm, explain to me how you can track the sales of a promo code used when a bunch of girls have the same one????!!!!! When I realized they were never gonna message me back I thought to myself "Damn, this company does not give a shit but making a quick buck."

As can be seen from the above pic, this was supposed to be the free necklace that they would include in my order. It is a velvet choker. But if you look closer you can see that there is no way to actually connect both ends of the choker. They literally gave me a broken/defective necklace. Thank you so much! When I actually received my order. It wasn't what I expected. In the sense that they did not give me my full order. They only sent me my AC-DC t-shirt. 

When I emailed them about this they basically said that they ship items separately. Their customer service was super shitty, no empathy and if they were going to ship items separately. Shouldn't they advise their customer of such things? It seems extremely unprofessional and ridiculous to do such things and to not even warn in an email or before submitting an order that items are shipped separately. I actually thought that they stole my money and only gave me half of my order. They definitely did not elicit trust in me when this happened. I will admit that I love the shirt but the same thing can be found at Wal-mart for the fraction of the price. It is honestly so wasteful to buy from them when you can save some money and just buy it from Wal-mart or from other stores who sell the same type of shirt. 

The last item from my order was this layered necklace with a evil eye, cross, feather and a star. When you take a look at the necklace' it's very beautiful. I absolutely love the different amulets and the look of it. On the picture it just looks fantastic but let me tell you that just after one use. ONE USE! The whole necklace turned my neck green and the necklace itself turned a disgusting dirty gold colour. Honestly, I cut apart this necklace and only kept the amulets. I'll save the amulets because I love them and I can add them on a necklace that I know won't turn my neck disgustingly green, 

If you ignore the whole becoming an ambassador/Miami Girl and just focus on the quality of the products; it's just not worth it. But if you take into the account that they had super bad customer service, sent me a faulty necklace and tried to get me to become a brand ambassador and gave me a generic promo code that almost every girl is using? Sorry, but Hot Miami Shades is just not worth it. And they are not worth spending your money over. If they do approach you to become a MiamiGirl please take my experience into account. This has all been so terrible with them.

Please share in the comment section if you have had a similar experience. 


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