True Blood: Season 1 Episode 7 Burning House Of Love (Review)

(((There will be spoilers)))

The opening scene which comes as no surprise to all of us is sex! Is it bad that I want to fast-forward the scene between Bill and Sookie having sex? I cannot emphasize to all of you how repulsed I am of him. There is just something about Bill whether it's his demeanor or the way he looks but he puts me on edge and makes me extremely uncomfortable.

So Sookie had sex for the first time ever with Bill and she couldn't be bothered to find out the specifics of his species. Well heck, no one ever said that having sex for the first time required any logical thought. Don't get me wrong, she is a smart cookie when it comes to any human but with Bill she is a complete idiot who doesn't give much thought to her life or even thinks about her future. And on top of that, Bill telling her not to eat garlic because it irritates him? Well damn, now I can never date a vampire. My fat ass loves food too much. If anyone ever asked me to give up a type of food for them I'd tell them "Get the fuck out of here, bitch!" I could never fathom myself ever giving up food for someone.

But going back to those two having sex. Sookie states that it was 'perfect' but yet they end up talking about her creepy uncle Bartlett and how he tried to touch her inappropriately. I don't know what's worse; her uncle or Bill's creepy scary face when he said Sookie is safe with him. That scene was beyond disturbing. All that was needed was some weird music to fit in with the scene. 

This might sound crass but I'm Amanda and if you've been reading my blog you'll notice that that is what I do so here goes. I never thought I would ever see a black man in a thong. There are a lot of things I would like to see and then there are things where I'm sure I'll see eventually because that is life but this? Lmao never thought I would. 

I don't know what is wrong with Sookie but she is playing the dumb blonde to a t. "Does anyone else live with you" Well duh, of course not! Her real question should be is if he is sleeping with other women. It's one thing to be open with your sexuality but everyone knowing you had sex? Nah, I'm good. But for someone who says she is so independent Sookie is so fast to say she is Bill's. That she belongs to him (Cue eye roll.)

I don't know what is stranger. The weird exorcism involving a dead possum and rocks which is so far from what I am accustomed to or the weird druggy hippy trip that Amy and Jason are going through. I do have to comment on the fact that Amy is quite an eccentric character in comparison to Jason. If anything she might actually be the woman to balance him out. And to top it off, we finish the episode with the idea that Bill might be dead. Not much of a loss if you think about it. 

What did you guys think of this episode? Share in the comment section!

If you would like to watch this episode you can click on the link below. 


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