Probelle: The Texture Collection (Review)

(((I received the whole texture collection from Probelle to review.)))

The textured collection from +Probelle Beauty contains a unique pigmented formula allowing the nail polish to dry with a textured finish. Apparently, the pigments in the formulation allow for a longer lasting manicure and it does not need a top coat. You do, however, need to use a base coat for the polish to adhere to. There are 10 nail polishes in this collection and each polish costs $7. The collection includes the following colours;

  • Textured Hot Pink (0311)
  • Textured Light Pink (0312)
  • Textured Purple (0407)
  • Textured Dark Blue (0506)
  • Textured Light Green (904) 
  • Textured Dark Green (0905)
  • Textured Turquoise (1002)
  • Textured Yellow (1104) 
  • Textured Black (1202)
What I do seem to find strange is the fact that no where on Probelle's website does it state what type or the information packet that they sent me states what type of texture these polishes leave on the nails. Unless the world has changed there are more than one texture. However, it does say on the back of the nail polish bottles that the polishes leave a semi-matte finish and a soft touch texture. For more on these nail polishes you can check out Probelle's website. The reason why I am focusing my attention on this area is because as a customer if I want to buy something I want to know what effect it would leave on my nails. I just find it as being bad marketing on Probelle's part.

***This brand is cruelty-free👍***

Over the time of several weeks I had to experiment and see what would work with these polishes. I do have to say that you definitely need a good base coat for your manicure to last longer. I accidentally used a top coat as my base coat and my nails chipped within the first 24 hours. The base coat that I used to make my manicure last for a week and longer was +Sally Hansen Canada Diamond base coat. And before you even ask I did try applying a top coat to see what it would be like and trust me you definitely do not need it! If anything a top coat just made the semi-matte effect disappear. I do have to mention that I am a hands-on type of person meaning that I always use my hands for work, typing etc. So the fact that my nails can look good throughout the whole week makes me really happy. 

I do understand why this collection is called the textured collection because the polishes dry thicker than a regular polish and it dries semi-matte as well. I can finally say I have matte nail polishes in my collection! Depending on the polish for some you only need to apply one coat and others you need two coats because they can be a bit streaky. But overall these polishes are quite opaque. I find this, for me, extremely crucial when painting my own nails. I don't think any of us want to apply a nail polishes hundreds of times. One thing I don't like is that there is not enough variety in colour for an initial collection. There are three shades of blue in a collection of ten polishes. The colours are not exactly spread out. I wish that there was a red and a white. How cool would it be to have a white matte polish? I would be wearing that everyday. 

I am going to give Probelle's texture collection 4 stars out of 5. The reason why I am not going to give a perfect rating is because I am reviewing the collection as a whole. So how it is presented and the color variety etc. As far as the formulation goes this has got to be one of the best polishes to ever come into my possession. They are long-lasting and they are beyond pigmented! But the marketing on them is not great and there is not enough colour variety in the collection. Otherwise, I recommend you guys to try to get your hands on these polishes because they do make a huge difference for your manicure. 

Let me know what you guys though of this review and of their polishes. Have you guys tried them? And if so what did you think of them? 

Amanda 💖