Capitola Watches (Review)

For this review I am going to share with you a new company I am a influencer/ brand ambassador for; Capitola Watches! One of the main reasons why I decided to become an ambassador for Capitola watches is because they use recycled materials and contribute to a well known organization.

They use recycled stainless steel for every watch they make because this material contains valuable raw elements that are reused in the production process of their watches, reducing waste. For their leather collection, all the straps are made of synthetic recycled leather. They do this because leather is also responsible for all the environmental destruction caused by the meat industry as well as the pollution caused by its tanning. A percentage of the benefits coming from the leather collection is donated to WWF, a well-known organization that helps to protect wildlife and nature.

Who wouldn't want to be an ambassador for a company who is trying to help the environment and donating to a great organization?! I'm usually not an accessory kind of gal but this watch has really grown on me.

As seen from the picture below I have the mesh silver white watch 36 mm and man I love it! It is from their mesh collection and there are limited units so if you like it then grab one as soon as you can before they are sold out! You can check out their website here. And to save some money if you do make a purchase you can use my code Amandaw15  for 15% off every order. When I first looked at their website I noticed that they their watches were on the pricey side but once I had a watch in my hands I thought they could definitely charge more for their products. 

When I finally held the watch, it was heavy and felt luxurious. You can tell that this was a well made piece of jewelry. The watch that I have was made in Japan and it is also water resistant. I don't usually wear watches let alone jewelry but I love this watch and how good it looks on me. 

It's great that they cater to both men and women. They do have more options for women but for men they have great pieces too! You can get both his and hers matching watches, super cute! For women they have a velvet collection which gives me barbie vibes, they have a marble collection which I want to get my hands on! And a bunch more! I definitely recommend for you to check them out because you would be really missing out if you don't.


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