My Fav New Obsession!!! #2 Halsey

+Halsey is a singer/song writer and I haven't heard of her until this year. I absolutely love listening and singing along (badly) to music. I don't love a specific genre of music but if it's good then I listen.

I kind of stumbled upon Halsey when I was browsing Youtube's hot music list and that's when my love for her music started. I am still discovering more of her music and let me tell you I am not disappointed. 

Her music is different, unique and I find that there is meaning behind it. One of my favorite songs from Halsey is New Americana and as strange as it might seem I feel this song is a representation of my generation. 

I am shocked that she doesn't have a bigger following than she already does. But nonetheless I just get drawn to her music. 

#1 Fav song from Halsey- New Americana

The next that I am absolutely loving from Halsey is Colors

The last one that I have also been loving is actually going to be featured in The Huntsman: Winter's War ((Castle)). This song doesn't have an official music video but it has been featured in the film's trailer. 

So this is my new obsession guys. This wasn't a super long post but I just wanted to share with you the music I've been listening to. 

I hope you guys liked this post of my new fav obsession I am going to be writing more of these so keep an eye out for them :) Thanks for reading guys and don't forget to subscribe :)