It Cosmetics Brow Power (Review)

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So I first received this Universal eyebrow pencil in universal taupe in my June ipsy glam bag. 
It is full sized and contains 0.07g of product while being worth a whooping $24. Actually I think I have a sample of the brow power but it's not clear on their website. I wish it said the amount of product each pencil contains.  One side as you can see below contains the actual product that you twist up (I appreciate that because I hate pencil's that you have to sharpen) and the other side is a spoolie to comb through your brows. 

Here is the brow pencil swatched. I cannot express to you how hard it was to swatch this eyebrow pencil! I had to layer my swatch many times but the great thing about it is when filling in your brows you can slowly fill then in. I do have to say the strokes were very similar to hair.  

Many of you may know, others may not but this is definitely not a product that I reach for most. I'm not talking specifically about this It Cosmetics product but in general brow products. I personally wax my eyebrows and I don't let anyone near them! I pride myself in having well groomed eyebrows so that's why I don't use brow products. Besides, what would I fill in if my brows are already well groomed? However, I do find it beneficial having at least one brow product in my collection just in case I make a mistake while waxing my eyebrows.

A while back a messed up one of my eyebrows and I needed to fill in the arch of my left brow a bit and I found using this brow pencil really easy to use. And after having a long day away from home I noticed that I still had some mighty fine looking brows. It does have great staying power.

Rating time!!! So all of you who have read my reviews know that I always rate it on 5 stars. So I am going to give this brow power pencil 4 stars on 5. It did help me in my need when I messed up my eyebrow but I don't know enough about eyebrow products to give it a 5 star rating.