My Day at La Ronde Six Flags

Hey guys!
If all of you haven`t figured it out yet I live in Canada in the province of Quebec. Near the island of Montreal. One thing that we have near Montreal is this little man-made island that is filled with roller coaster madness. I absolutely love roller coasters and early this summer I went and got myself a season pass to the magical place where roller coasters reside, and that is La Ronde. La Ronde was bought by Six Flags years ago and quite frankly whenever I've gone to La Ronde their hasn't been huge crowds of people like there used to be when I went as a child. Maybe it is because no one likes being outside anymore but I had so much fun!

During my time at La Ronde I really wanted to enjoy and appreciate my time which is why for my first day back at La Ronde I went alone.
As you can tell from my selfie below I did catch quite some sun. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to apply sunscreen and even forgot to pack some sunscreen. I know! That is a big no no but it completely slipped my mind. So, one thing I can definitely recommend to you guys is to WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! The care of your skin should be your number one priority because you are going to be seeing your face every single day. But let`s be honest I still look whiter than a ghost. Even with a sun burn.

I had so much and there are so many iconic roller coasters at La Ronde that unfortunately for me were closed. The world`s biggest roller coaster made out of wood or as I like to call it The Monster resides in La Ronde. I`ve only ever gotten to ride it once and it wasn't even during my visit. But nonetheless I had an amazing time and if you guys love roller coasters than I highly recommend that you check out La Ronde.


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