I'm now on Facebook!

Hey guys!

So I've been thinking lately how can I grow my audience? I guess I can call myself a public figure?

lol ok maybe not but I do want to have more people looking at my blog. And I just want to share my views and opinions with the world! What can I say? I dream big for a little girl :)

My blog is connected to Google+ but I've come to realise that not a lot of people actually have a Google+ account thus not being able to follow my blog. So I have started this very day my own Facebook page. So if I have any new posts or videos on YouTube then it would be easier for you guys to stay updated on what I'm doing instead of just checking back every few days.

My Facebook page is the same as the name of my blog. But here is the link. Hopefully this actually works. So if you are interested just click here and like my Facebook page :)

Thanks guys any support shown means the world to me. If you guys can share this with your friends that would be amazing 💖