True Blood Season 6 episode 1 :Who are you, Really? (Recap/review)

(((((((Spoiler alert))))))))

Well this episode was quite interesting! There was so much that happened that I don't know where to start. 

Bill going bat sh*t crazy with the blood of Lilith. Now that was some heavy stuff right there. Heck even Bill said that. And now he can't even die? What was up with all the Liliths at the end surrounding him? And then finding out that Warlow is in some way connected to Litlith by being her progeny? Like wow. And Bilith? Haha classic!

What was funny was when Jason who hasn't even read a book in his life knew more than Eric did about Warlow. Who the f is Warlow????? Hahah cannot stop laughing at that.  This episode was jam packed for the first episode of season six. 

What I can say I'm proud of is sookie. Honestly she is growing and trying to find herself again. And I'm rooting for her. She doesn't need all this crap from the vampires. I think what she needs is a good man who will take care of her and protect her and for a long time I thought that was Eric. Now we will have to see what will happen to both of them. But I just want Sookie to grow and be in tuned with herself. 

Now going to Alcide, what the fudge? Werewolf threesome? Ew I'm your number 1 b*tch jeez Louis. Did not expect that from her. I thought she would have beat that female werewolf up. Guess not. But what is going on with alcide? I just don't like it. He better not let  him being packmaster get to his head. 

And Pam and Tara I wonder what will happen to them. That was just insane with the Black ops looking guys. 

There is just so much and it's the first episode only so I'm excited to see what this season will bring. 

What did you guys think of the episode? Leave a comment :) and stay tuned for more Episode reviews for this season.