Need advice? Ask away!

Hey guys!

So I was thinking about taking requests on different topics of discussion. But I also noticed that when I write about my advice on school or stress that people have been liking them. 

Then it clicked to me why not send me a little message on what you want me to cover? Whether it be advice on school, stress, sports, heck even makeup :p 

If you are interested in doing this with me then you can send me an email at 
And do not be shy! This is a safe and positive blog where no questions are stupid! 

And if you do send me a message you can leave your first name or we can make sure that you are left as an anonymous reader with a question. :D 

And it doesn't have to be advice it can even be on different topics. Take a look around and you'll see I'm a diverse writer and person. 

Don't hesitate to share with your friends!